“I can thoroughly recommend My Holistic. I always feel brighter after a treatment, and can’t believe how much clearer my head feels”

Claire (Mindful Reflexology)

Supporting clients with stress, anxiety and depression

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by day to day to do lists?
  • Do you feel exhausted, but your mind is running at 100 miles an hour?
  • Do you find it hard, or even feel guilty, to find time for yourself to rest and relax?
  • Are you too busy looking after everyone else to prioritise your own wellbeing, or to practice self care?

Modern day life is keeping most of us like hamsters on a wheel which is exhausting and unsustainable. Our nervous systems are regularly operating in flight or fight which, in the long term, is severely damaging to our mental and physical health.

It is estimated that 1 in 4 adults will experience some form of stress, anxiety or depression each year. Short term stress is not a problem and our bodies are well equipped to deal with it. However, when the pressure becomes long term it starts to have a detrimental impact on health, causing physical, emotional, behavioural and cognitive problems.

Finding time for yourself, and methods to practice self care, is essential for our short and long term health.

Mindful Reflexology is a certified method of reflexology that combines treatments with mindful techniques and wellbeing coaching.

Having a course of mindful reflexology can quite simply change your life.

“I booked the mindful reflexology course with Heather back in Nov 22, and now I visit every month for a ‘top up’ session.

I cannot emphasise how incredible this experience has been for me, its changed my life.

I was burnt out, low energy, low mood and anxiety. I was very skeptical to begin with, but was willing to try anything given how I was feeling and couple of months later I felt way better than before.

Heather really listens and works out where most help is needed and quite often she’d pick up on aches and niggles i didn’t think we’re worth mentioning. It’s a complete tailored experience and I’m forever glad I did it.

Thank you Heather.” 

Gurpreet Dhillon 

What is Mindfulness Reflexology?

Mindful reflexology uses advanced protocols which work on the principle of increasing the flow of communication between the mind, immune, endocrine and nervous systems, all of which are adversely affected by stress. It is an amazing treatment at the cutting edge of reflexology that will improve mood and feelings of wellbeing.

Effectiveness of mindful reflexology is enhanced when used alongside mindful meditation. Mindfulness meditation is based on Buddhist techniques which can help people change the way that they think and feel about their experiences, especially stressful experiences. It aims to achieve a relaxed, non-judgmental awareness of thoughts, feeling and sensations.

Clients benefit from an improved ability to cope with stresses and uncertainties of everyday life, improved sleep, energy levels and ability to relax.

“I started the 8 session mindful reflexology course with Heather in May. I had never had reflexology before and was a bit of a sceptic but Heather was really great and put me instantly at ease, and I was amazed after the first session the things she could tell from touching my feet!

After being completely burnt out and exhausted I found the sessions really helped in finding a way to release some of the pressure that I’d felt in my head / body.

I really looked forward to the sessions for my ‘me’ relaxation time and found it helped with my sleep and energy levels. I couldn’t recommend Heather highly enough. She was so professional, supportive and flexible and I would really recommend her.”

Charlene Newman

How does Mindful Reflexology work?

  • By relaxing and restoring nerve pathways signals to the brain and spinal cord.
  • Balancing any hormonal disruption caused by the endocrine system which can cause low mood.
  • Working the Limbic system which controls how the brain retains information and memories. (PTSD & anxiety)
  • Relaxing and improving the gut function which can be affected by raised cortisol levels (stress, anxiety) or reduced serotonin levels (depression).
  • Improving how we breath by releasing any tension held throughout our lungs, intercostal muscles and diaphragm through times of stress.

Reflexology Treatment Plan

The first appointment is 90 minutes which includes a thorough consultation to explore your condition and symptoms, followed by a reflexology treatment with optional mindfulness exercises.

Following your first appointment an individualised action plan will be created for you. Your plan will include suitable self-help techniques to continue the positive effects of the treatment at home, such as mindfulness exercises, nutrition and sleep advice and hand reflexology points.

A course of 8 sessions is recommended for mindful reflexology. Over the course you will experience deeply relaxing reflexology treatments, which clients report feeling improvements in sleep, mood, energy levels, reduced stress levels and a sense of general improved wellbeing. You will be guided and coached through your bespoke action plan to make improvements to your mental health and wellbeing.



Initial consultation & reflexology treatment (90 mins)


Course of 8 weekly, or fortnightly, sessions


Follow up reflexology treatment (1 hour)