Active Birth Workshop

The Active Birth & Rebozo workshop is a 1-1 class for expectant mothers and their birth partners. Led by Heather, Registered Midwife and antenatal educator; this practical workshop will teach you the best positions to adopt in late pregnancy for comfort and to promote optimal fetal positioning (for breech and back-to-back babies).

Explore positions for early and established labour and the easiest ways to mobilise and transition. Being comfortable and confident to move around in labour can reduce the length of labour and the need for pain relief.

Birth partner support is a fundamental part of this workshop. You and your birth partner will learn massage techniques – how to support you through massage techniques (encouraging relaxation and the release of oxytocin – the love hormone that is needed for labour). Rebozo scarf techniques are taught for relaxation, pain relief and massage. These versatile scarves originate from Mexico where they have been used for many years to support women during birth. Breathing techniques, learn how to practice effective breathing techniques for labour and birth.

By attending The Active Birth & Rebozo workshop, you can approach your labour and birth with confidence, trusting your body and knowing your birth partner feels comfortable in their role.

Class Details

The Active Birth Workshop is suitable from around 28 weeks of pregnancy.

You will receive demonstration videos of everything you learn in class to help you practice at home, and to aid learning if your birth partner is unable to attend the class with you.

75 minutes workshop – £165

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‘Amazing teacher and so much information and techniques to help with active physiological birth. Would highly recommend this course and teacher, I feel so much more prepared and informed’.